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​Hathout is a family owned business established in 1948 in Cairo. Since then, it has become a prominent representative of Egyptian cotton and a household name in Egypt and the Middle East. The business was passed on from one generation to the other. We have a large clientele from all over the world. Our products have attracted Egyptians, Arabs and Europeans due to our large collections of high thread count Egyptian cotton and the intricate embroidery workmanship.



We believe in long term, consistent growth coupled with maximum client and customer satisfaction that adds a value to our company, team, and community. Our company is our family heritage, and that is why we take pride and care for each step we take forward.




We aim to stay true to our legacy and add more to our history. Our aim is to make Hathout a multinational company, from Egypt to the world.




Honesty, integrity, transparency and “the customer is always right”, are values lost in today's world. What set us apart from any other company are these values we kept so dearly. Every day we work to keep our word and reputation.





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